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Past Events

Here you can find detailled information on the past activities organized by our museum and have access to the photos.

Edirne Day

On June 8th Sunday,we prepared a day for Edirne, a city in Trace where many Jews once lived.Book signing of  Guleryuz,live music performance and the latest  situation about the renovation of Edirne Synagogue were the main issues discussed.


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My Sweet Canary film show

My Sweet Canary

Roza Eskenazi sang songs and lived life with
passion, fire and love.This is the story of three
young musicians from Greece, Turkey and Israel
that embark on an exciting musical journey, to
reveal for the first time, the story of the first
and most famous Greek Rebetiko singer.From
Istanbul to Thessaloniki and Athens, through her
life and music, we will introduce a world that
has once existed and its traces today.*From the web site of My Sweet Canary

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Presentation of a new book

bali On February 9th Sunday, we hosted Rifat Bali at our Museum for the presentation of his new book "A forgotten intellectual and an expert lawyer Gad Franko".

Rifat Bali shared the details of his book with the audience,among whom the chief Rabbi Of Turkey was presented.

Jewish Costumes in the Ottoman Empire

untitled-1 untitled-4 ipekci Jewish Costumes in the Ottoman Empire exhibition is hosted by the Jewish Museum  in Karaköy.

Silvyo Ovadya; the curator of the exhibition and the famous designer Cemil Ipekci made the opening speeches.

 More than 65 illistruations and a few costumes were  displayed from the Byzantium and Ottoman periods.

The first International Ladino Day is celebrated in the museum

The first  International Ladino Day is celebrated in the museum.


Festival in USA

la-fuar The Quincentennial Foudation represented by our Museum Manager Nisya Isman Allovi participated in "The Anatolian Cultural and Food Festival" which took place in Los Angeles,USA from October 6th to October 9th.

Concert of Dunya Group


One of the most unique cultural heritages of the Ottoman Empire is  the “Jewish Maftirim Chorus” who had been directly influenced  by the Mevlevi’s and Bektashi’s sect music. It is even common in the present day to hear Mevlevi composer’s melodies  accompanied by texts from the Torah and sung in Hebrew. Five musicians from the “Dunya Group” will give a special concert at the Museum on 16 June 2010. Their performance will cover melodies from Maftirim tunes, using instruments such as nay, flute, drums and accompanied by human voice.These melodies will reflect the authentic atmosphere of the Maftirim Works and sect music.The group  consists of  Dr.Mehmet Ali SANLIKOL( Emerson College) Professor. Robert LABAREE (New England Conservatory) , percussionist Cem Mutlu and  Jewish musicians Beth Bahia Cohen, Noam SENDER from USA. 
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