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 The Aim of the Museum

* To promote, both within the country and abroad, the story of 700 years of amity between Turks and Jews, beginning with the Ottoman conquest of Bursa (1326) ... continuing with Bayezid II's warm welcome of the Sephardic Jews who preferred expulsion from Iberia to giving up the faith and traditins of their ancestors ... and carrying on until today,

* To show through the past 700 years how the two cultures influenced each other,

* To display the humanitarian spirit of the Turkish Nation.


Müze'nin Giriş Kapısı Üzerindeki Yazı

At the entrance of the Museum, a passage from the Torah (Jeremiah 29:7) 

"... seek the peace of the city whither I have caused you to be carried away ... and pray unto the Lord for it."

(Photo: Izzet Keribar) 

The Mission of the Museum

The Mission of the museum is to collect, preserve, exhibit, interpret and disseminate knowledge about the cultural heritage of the Turkish Jews.

Ay - Yıldızlı Tallit

Tallid (Prayer Shawl) decorated with a star & crescent, dated  5658 (1898)

The original is near the Schick Family in New York