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~1671 - There is evidence that a synagogue existed in this place already in 1671.

1823 (25 Safer 1239) - However the actual building was re-erected over its original foundations y in the early 19th century. The synagogue named Kal Kadosh Galata is better known as Zulfaris which is a distortion from Zülf-ü Arus, former name of the street, meaning bride's long lock of hair. 

Zülfaris Sinagogu Tamir Görmeden

Kal Kadosh Galata, interior. 
Photo: Beth Hatefutsoth Museum Archive

1882  - The marble frame surrounding the Ehal (Ark) was donated by Samuel Malki.

1890 - Repair work was carried out with the financial assistance of the Camondo Family.

1904 (Nisan 5664) - Restoration work was conducted by the Jewish Community of Galata presided over by Jak Bey de Leon. 

1968 - Went through substantial repair.

Zülfariz Sinagog Faaliken - Son Düğün1979 - Assigned for worship for the Jews of Thracian origin.

1983 - Last wedding in Zülfaris Sinagogue.

1985 - Closed to religious services as there was no more jews residing in the neighborhood. 

1992 - The building was assigned (by its owner, Neve Shalom Foundation) to the 500. Yil Vakfi on the purpose to establsih a Museum.

Zülfaris Sinagogu 1856 Merasimi L Illustration, 13.09.1896, No:103
 L’Illustration, Paris,
13.09.1856, No. 103

25 September 2001 - With the financial backing of the Kamhi Family and the valuable contributions of Mr. Jak Kamhi, and thanks to the vision and dedication of Mr. Naim Güleryüz, it has opened its doors as a Museum.


September 1856 - A meaningful moment in the history of Zulfaris. A ceremony was held commemorating the Jewish soldiers in the French army, who fought and fell along with the Ottomans against the Russians during the Crimean War.  A military unit under the command of Staff Colonel Garbi Bey was present at this ceremony.