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Museum's Entrance Stairs

Nadi Arditti The Soaring Flame Left:

The Soaring Flame, a sculpture by Nadia Arditti, dedicated to the Jewish soldiers who fell while defending their homeland, welcomes the visitor at the entrance.



Climbing the stairs which countless brides ascended on the arms of their fathers and descended on the arms of their husbands, we enter the main synagogue hall on the first floor.
First Floor

gezinti_ehal Zülfaris Sinagog Orginal Sefertora's From different boards and window-cases we learn about the presence of Jews in this geogrpahy dating from 4th century BCE, the Golden Age in Andalousia, the Reconquista, the Edict of Expulsion, the routes of emigration, the welcome of Sultan Bayezıid II, the famous Edirne letter by Rabbi İsaac Sarfati, the Blood Libel fermans by Ottoman Sultans, the ınteraction between the two cultures, the Chief Rabbis during the Ottoman Period and the Turkish Republic, the Printing Press introduced by the Sepharades in 1493, the flourishing Turkish Judeo-spanish Press since 1842, the Turkish Jews participation to the different aspects of the social life as well as in the Foreign Affairs, Parlament, the National Defense and almost all the branches of sports, the Treaty of Lausanne, the German and Austrian professors invited by Atatürk in 1933 to continue their academic carrier in the Turkish Universities, the heroic attitude of and efforts spent by the Turkish Diplomats to save Jewish lives during the WWII. 


Top Gallery

Museum Top Floor - Right Wing View Right Wing:

Revolving temporary exhibits on different issues ...


Museum Top Floor - Left Wing View Left Wing:

Panels Describing Various Case Stories ...




Etnographic Section

Descending the historical staircase, we reach the Ground Floor arranged as an Ethnographic Section...

Exemples of Reconstruction Scenes:

Etnography Floor: Wedding Dress Etnography Floor: Dowery



Wedding Ceremony...






The Dowry…