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Dear Friends,

This first and only Jewish Museum of Turkey was founded by us, however it is you who will make it live.

The life of a museum depends on the wealth of exhibits (objects, documents, photographs etc) and on the interest shown in them.

One of the most meaningful legacies one can bestow on future generations is "memories of yesterday". Especially as "yesterday" symbolises a 700-year-old co-existence in peace and harmony, that has served as an "example to humanity".

We invite you to visit the museum in person and look forward to receiving your feedback either through recommendations to friends or through your comments via the link in the "Contact" page, so that we can constantly improve the exhibition.

We would also very much appreciate your loans to the museum of any artefacts, documents, religious objects etc that may contribute to the wealth of the displays. There might be the old megillah, shofar, chanukia, mezuzah or the a traditional garment, kipa, linen or an old sidur, halila, certificate or a photograph of a wedding, a family picnic or reminiscence of army service forgotten in your drawers or stowed away in your cupboards. By allowing us to put them on display you will not only be enhancing the exhibits but your name will also be acknowledged for posterity.

We look forward to hosting you in the museum.

Naim Güleryüz
President , The Quincentennial Foundation
Project Coordinator & Curator, The Jewish Museum of Turkey