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The Quincentennial Foundation Museum of Turkish Jews hosted two events on Sunday.

Let Us Meet

Participants created queues both at the entrance and inside of the Museum on Sunday, for the "Let Us Meet" event. The participants had the chance to find the answers to their questions about Turkish Jews by asking them one-to-one.

The Lausanne Exchangees Foundation Choire

The Lausanne Exchangees Foundation Choire, which was established in 2005, have sung mutual songs in two languages, which have been sung in both sides of the Aegean for long years, the folk songs that the exchangees have brought with them from the lands they were born, Turkish, Greek, Bulgarian, Vlahça, Macedonian songs and Rumeli folk songs in their yesterday's concert. Buket Bahar, with her surprise participation has also added a distinctive color to the concert with 3 Sephardic songs that she has sung. In this activity where the participation was very high, visitors joined the songs with enthusiasm.


genc emekliler

The "Young Retirees" concert was held in our museum on Sunday, May 5th. During the concert with an intense participation, the audience accompanied with enthusiasm while performing songs from Turkish Art Music. The unforgettable Spanish song Historia De Un Amor won the audience's appreciation as a surprise of the concert and received a big applause.


pre klasik ensemble

The visitors and the friends of the museum have attended the concert, held on Sunday, April 14 at Neve Shalom Synagogue, which will also be held most of the following sundays. The works of Handel, Bach, Sanz, Corelli and Burgmuller were played in the concert with Musa Albukrek in violin, Cem Küçümen in guitars and Deniz Küçümen in cello.
You can follow these events in the museum on Sundays and in the social media accounts of the museum.


On Sunday, 28.04.2019 The Quincentennial Foundation Museum Of Turkish Jews has performed an entertainment program in Ladino language(djudeo-espanyol).
At the beginning of 2019, the former Chairman of the Community "Silvyo Ovadya", who took the presidency of the museum, gave a new impetus to the museum in terms of both cultural and promotional activities.
The stories of Djoha (Nasreddin Hodja), one of the most popular figures of the popular tradition of the Sephardic, have been orally passed on from generation to generation. Djoha, being rather a funny character but very
clever too. He is such a clever madman that he has the ability to educate everyone by making them laugh. His stories cover human psychology, lifestyle, business life, family life, etc.
"Anna Eskenazi" has presented Djoha on this day.
Afterwards, “Forti Barokas”, “Şeli Gaon” ve “Suzet Herman” entertained and made the participants laugh by telling the stories of Djoha in djudeo-espanyol language and adapting them to our present life. ”Anri Çiprut" translated four Djoha stories in Ladino into Turkish
The performance attracted great attention.

nes korosu

On Sunday, March 24, Nes Ladies Choir performed songs in Ladino language in our museum.