From Our Visitors Book

Şeref Defterimizden Alıntılar...“Komunitad ke se glorifika de su historia tyene avenir .... Este musé da fuersa i esperansa ke la Kehila Judiya de Turkia kontinue a transferar la heritensya de los judyos de Turkia.” David Angel, Israel - 22.9.2003

“Lovely Museum... so much history... I hope the Turkish tradition of tolerance will spread to more of the world. Thank you and Shana Tova.” Maya and Micha Salomon, Richmond, California USA - 3.10.2003

“ .... merci a Naim Güleryüz pour son amabilite et son émotion, hommage a son courage et sa détermination. Sympathie pour sa vision: il n’y a pas d’avenir pour ceux qui oublient leur passé.” Thomas Antoine,Consul Général de Belgique 23.1.2004

“Nos ha emocionado el gran trabajo realizado en este maravilloso Museo donde hemos visto una gran humanidad, la historia de un gran pueblo y como todos juntos en concordia dia a dia oramos el desrrollo de un pais como Turquia. Esperamos que sen el ejemplo a seguir para nuestras futuras jenerasiones. De union nace la fuersa.” Alper ve Miren Yılmaz, Barcelona – 1.7.2004

“Munchas Gracias.” Pablo Martin Asuero – 21.7.2004

“Congratulations on bringing to life the history and culture of the Turkish Jewish community from ancient times until today. The exhibits are beautifully designed and arranged, and the explanations are clear and precise.” Dr George E. Gruen, New York – 19.10.2004

“Thank you for teaching me about how Turkey helped the Jewish people.” Alexandra Lee, Leeds, England – 27.10.2004

Şeref Defterimizden Alıntılar...“A most interesting and enjoyable visit. May the example of the Jews of Turkey living in harmony with their Muslim brothers and sisters be extended to all countries.” Keith Moss, London, England – 13.5.2005

“Thanks to Turkey so much Judaism has been saved. We’ve loved Istanbul and the synagogues here...” George and Laura Tannenbaum, NYC, USA – 7.7.2005

“J’ai été enchantée de visiter votre Musée et connaître l’histoire des Sépharades. C’est magnifique tout le travail que vous avez fait.” Etty Şemtob- 22.7.2005

“Que bonito museo y que bonita la historia de los judios en Turquia. Un lindo agregado a un pais que ya me habia encantado. Felicidades.” Adriana Weislede, Costa Rica – 16.9.2005

“Very impressed and proud to know that this wonderful museum exists in Turkey and thank you for your warm reception of the Behmoiras family.” Rafael Benaroya,USA – 19.9.2005

“Interessante exhibicion. No sabiamos de la tan buena relacion entre judios y turcos en la historia.” Gabriel y Virna Rubinstein, Argentina- 23.2.2006

Şeref Defterimizden Alıntılar...“Congratulations on the great presentation of as living history.” Mordehai Amitai, Consul General of Israel- 29.3.2006

“Musée très intéressant qui m’a fait (re)découvrir cette aventure multiculturelle des Juifs de Turquie. Merci et bonne continuation.” Isabelle Mandil- fille de Jacques Mandil, Cévennes, France – 5.4.2006

“For a native of Izmir who grew up in Istanbul, this was a really moving experience I was proud to show to my husband and son. May the Jews of Turkey live in peace and prosperity along side their compatriots.” Daisy (Sadaka) Braverman, New York– 12.05.2006

“Nos muestra la historia y costumbres de nuestros padres y avyuelos que tanto recuedros nos tienen.” Sima Taranto Esther Taranto, Caracas, Venezuela – 25.5.2006

“Merci de nous avoir accueillis dans votre beau musée et d’avoir partagé avec nous l’histoire des sépharades.” Mathilde Damoisel, France – 5.6.2006

Şeref Defterimizden Alıntılar...“Thanks for showing the importance of Jewish life in Turkey and their critical role in the history of the country …” David Y Harari, New York, USA – 11.07.2006

“This Museum will be my most memorable experience in Istanbul. Thank you very much and Kol Hakavod” Avi Beliak, Phoenix, Arizona – 19.7.2006

“As those who believe in dialogue, respect and cooperation of civilisations rather than intolerance, violence and coercive means or ends, and rather than clash of civilisations. we deeply appreciate your contribution to our peaceful society in Turkey and abroad.” M. Çetin, President of the Institute of Interfaith Dialog, Houston, Texas, USA - 24.07.2006

“Turkey can be proud of her human approach to the Jews.” Milton and Acron, Sydney, Australia – 7.8.2006

Absolutely fascinating! Clearly puts the wonderful Turks from whatever era in a positive, tolerant and accepting attitude. The world could learn much from great humanity! Excellent presentation. Thank you. Rosen Finlae, Australia,08.08.2009

An excellent showing of Sephardic culture of those of us with a Turkish ancestry. My family was from Gallipoli. Marilyn Varon. 09.08.2009

We enjoyed the exhibits. We had no idea the Turkish people aided the Jews of Europe as they did for 500 years ago. We have great admiration and respect for what they did. Neil Joy Boca Raton-21.08.2009

Norwegian Church Ministry to Israel visiting this impressive and wonderful museum on our "Shalom Tour " to Turkey.  27.09.2009


Thank you Turkey for providing a safe haven to Jews for hundreds of years. May other nations follow your example? Alter Brooklyn, 16.10.2009


A very well conceived and displayed museum. You should be most proud. Rachele Brody 19.10.2009

This museum is a tribute to the history of a proud people's existence in a country made of proud religions. Bravo to its creators and curators. William Boyland member of Assembly New York, 01.11.2009

This is an interesting place to learn about Jews in Turkey. I pray to all that we can live in peacefully regardless of location, race and religion. Salam, Sharmin Kuala Lumpur, 06.12.2009

What an informative and well thought out homage to Jewish culture in Turkey. Coming all the way from the United States, my school group was impressed with the beauty and thoroughness of the exhibition. Julia Lewis, 25.02.2010

I precioso museo y sinagoga! Spain, 01. 04.2010

Wonderful experience The Jewish/Turkish community has much to be proud of. Ellien Gold , Toronto, Canada, 02.04.2010

Thank you for putting together a most wonderful, informative museum of the Jews in Turkey. Turkey exemplifies what can be achieving with tolerance and respect of the "other". Carin Nalfm London, 04.05,2010

Lovely historic building and interesting exhibit, the story of the Kamondo family was especially interesting, because he Jewish aspect of that family's history is entirely absent at the"Maison Nisim De Camondo"Museum in Paris, France. Thank You! Rachel Dobkin,NY, 10.07.2010

This is a excellent Museum to educate and inform everyone including Jews especially from North America most of whom know very little about Jewish history and culture in Turkey. Darly Sherman, Canada, 18.07,2010

A beautiful and enriching Museum catered in a wonderful vast religions but also a lesson for today that tolerance, respect can be attained. May we always coexist in harmony and peace. M.N Texas, 27.07.2010

A very interesting and informative museum.We were unaware of the hospitality and welcoming of the Turkish people. Herbert Fox,Janet Zinner-USA 12.05.2011

Outstanding museum.Thank you so much.Chad Johnson,Chigago 20.06.2011

An amazing tribute to Jewish life in Turkey and the relationship between Jews and Turks.Tommy Bloom,Austuralia 26.06.2011