A documentary film, a book and an exhibition were prepared based on interviews with 70 people, oral history studies, and regions where there is no more Jewish life in Turkey, within the scope of the "What Our Jewish Past Taught Us Project", realized with the support of the European Union and Hrant Dink Grant Funds.

Aksel Bonfil was the editing director of the documentary film, which was prepared based on the footage recorded by Alberto Modiano during the project process, whose coordinator was Nisya İşman Allovi.

The curator of the exhibition and the text writer of the book was Aymy Emel Benbasat, who was also the historical coordinator of the project.

As of Sunday, October 24, the documentary film and the exhibition met with the audience at the 500th Year Foundation Turkish Jews Museum.

The exhibition and the movie can be watched by museum visitors until 20 December. You can also access the book of the project from the Museum Shop.