avrupa yahudi kulturu gunu 2019

We have met on November 24, on The European Day of Jewish Culture.
Organized in 35 different European  countries, and also celebrated in Turkey since 2001, The European Day Of Jewish Culture was held this year open to public and free of charge, in The Quincentennial Foundation Museum Of Turkish Jews and the Neve Shalom Synagogue on Sunday November 24. 2.300 visitors attended the event with a record participation.
The event has enabled the participants to travel to the culture and heritage of the Turkish Jewish community with concerts, documentaries, various presentations, book presentations, exhibitions and dishes of The Turkish Jewish cuisine, where the visitors have spent a fulfilling day.
The event  began with an interview by author Aaron Nommaz about his book "The Story That Questions The Conscience : Struma” and the presentation of Süzet Herman, Şeli Gaon and Silvyo Ovadya, “The Jewish-Spanish Language And Its Interaction With The Turkish Language”.
During the day, the audience had the opportunity to listen to the Turkish Sephardic Synagogue Hymns from the Yako Taragano and Sephardic Hymns Choir. Another concert was “The Sephardic Tangos from the Bottom of the Chest”  by Karen Gerson Şarhon and İzzet Bana.
Throughout the day, the representative wedding ceremony in the Neve Shalom Synagogue was revived with all its traditions and became the most popular section. Rav Isak Alaluf led the wedding ceremony where even the balcony of the Neve Shalom Synagogue was filled.
In her presentation titled  “Why Should The Holocaust Be Taught To Everyone?”  Süzet Sidi, an expert on the subject, talked about why the Holocaust is not only a matter of Jewish history, but a matter of humanity.
A different window on the screen“Jewish Humor in Cinema “ from Seyfi İşman has opened a different window for the moviegoers. Speaker and educationist Alper Almelek has hosted  the guests with his presentation  “Perseverance + Imagination =?”.
Yusuf Altintas has answered curious questions about Judaism in his conversation “Face To Face With A Jew”. İzzet Erş, on the other hand, has talked about the differences of understanding, told about in his book “Differences in Understanding in Bible Reading” and signed his books. The documentary film “Izmir Weddings”, which has been open for screening throughout the day, has also shed some light on Jewish culture in the Museum.
In addition to these, Nüket Franko and Lina Eskenazi ‘s presentation “The Quest Of The Cuisine From Spain To İzmir” and Gilda Kohen’s presentation “Let Us Witness The Journey Of Taste In The Sephardic Cuisine” took place. A selection of Sephardic cuisine at lunch offered a delicious experience to the taste buds.
Silvyo Ovadya, President of the Quincentennial Foundation said : “This year's European Day of Jewish Culture was much more successful than we had hoped. According to the gate records, there were over 2,000 attendance. It is very important that we introduce ourselves to the wider society. We are pleased with the interest shown ”.
Shalom Newspaper was among the participants of the European Day of Jewish Culture this year. Visitors also had the opportunity to read and review the newspaper and other publications that have been published since 1947.
On the day of the event, artistic activities were conducted under the leadership of young people in order to raise environmental awareness for children aged 5-12.