DOCUMENTARY ON PAST AND PRESENT OF EDIRNEA historical and nostalgic documentary of Edirne which was one of the major cultural capitals of the Ottoman Balkan Jews. Prepared by Seyfi Ishman with advice and guidance from Naim Güleryüz, this documentary was shown to the audience every half an hour from 11am to 5pm on September 2, 2007 - as part of the European Jewish Culture Day.

PASSPORT OF NAHMAN FINGERUTAn exhibition ab out Nahman Fingerut, who fled from the Bolshevic Revolution and found sanctuary in Turkey. Later Nahman was given a "Political Refugee" passport, which permitted him to reach the USA. This passport as well as the photos donated to our Museum by his son Melvin Fingerut, attorney in Florida, were exhibited.

PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITION AND CONFERENCE AT VILNIUS In cooperation with the Vilna Gaon Jewish Museum and under the auspices of the Turkish Embassy in Vilni us(Lithuania) an exhibition was held at the Vilnius Tolerance Center. The exhibition consisting of 45 photos on Jewish Life in Turkey, was organized by Naim Güleryüz and a lecture was given by him on the opening day. After the conference a cocktail party featured Turkish Judeo-Spanish food specialities

HAHAMBAŞI VEKİLİ MOŞE LEVİNİN MÜHÜR-YÜZÜĞÜHahambashi Deputy (Locum Tenens) Rav Moshe Levi's ring-seal. Bought at an auction, with the valuable support of Mr Avram Taranto, who donated it to the Museum.

PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITION AND CONFERENCE IN STOCKHOLMAs part of the "Ladino Festival Week", an exhibition entitled "History of Sephardic Jews and Turkish Jews" was held at the “Etnografiska Museet” in Stockholm.

THE UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON/GETTY SUMMER INSTITUTE SUMMER PROGRAM25 participants from 17 countries who attended The University of Washington's Getty Summer Programme have been presented a lecture by Naim Güleryüz on the issue of "500. Years of Togetherness".

PHOTO EXHIBITION AT THE COUNCIL OF EUROPE, STRASBOURGAn exhibition of 40 photos, entitled "Glimpses of Jewish Life in the Ottoman-Turkish Society" curated by Naim Güleryüz, was opened by Recep Tayyip Erdoðan , Prime Minister of Turkey and Rene van der Linden, President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE).

2006: FOUNDATION CIVILIZATION YEAR REWARD The Jewish Museum of Turkey was awarded in a competition of projects considering Social Issues organized to celebrate 2006 as "Foundation Year of Civilisation".

PAPER CLIPS DOCUMENTARYPaper Clips, is the moving and inspiring documentary film that captures how the students of Whitwell Middle School (Tennessee, USA) responded to lessons about the Holocaust-with a promise to honor every lost soul by collecting one paper clip for each individual exterminated by the Nazis. http://www.paperclipsmovie.com/

A training afternoon for professional guides, members of the ARED Association of Ankara Guides was organized.

WORLD GATHERING OF BEHMUARAS FAMILIESMembers of Edirne originated Behmuaras-Behmoiras families from around the globe, from USA and Brazil to Australia, gathered in Istanbul for a worldwide family meeting.

DANTELACI = THE LACE SELLERA short film by Eyten Ipekel, Dantelaci "The Lace seller" was shown throughout the day, as part of the program of the European Day of Jewish Culture.